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Top Online Insurance Courses in 2022

Top Online Insurance Courses in 2022

Insurance is the idea of paying a monthly fee or premium in order to mitigate emergency expenses that can take a significant toll on your finances.

Common types of insurance include car insurance, renters insurance, life insurance, and health insurance. There are many types of insurance.

Basically, any area that could be a determining factor in ruining your wealth safety net can be insured to make sure that it doesn’t sink you in the event of a disaster.

Insurance policies are complex, and it’s essential to learn what you can about how insurance works, whether you’re looking for insurance quotes or want to build a career in the field.

Chartered Insurance Institute

The Chartered Insurance Institute is a professional body dedicated to building trust in the insurance and financial planning profession.

The company strapline, “Standards. Professionalism. Trust.”, embodies their commitment to driving confidence in the power of professional standards: competence, integrity and care for the customer.

They ensure that commitment is delivered through relevant learning, insightful leadership and engaged membership.

Their 125,000 members commit to high professional standards by maintaining continuous professional development and abiding by their Code of Ethics.

The Chartered Insurance Institute’s Royal Charter requires them to secure and justify the confidence of the public

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These free online courses in insurance have everything you need to familiarise yourself with the insurance market.

With so many kinds of insurance such as car, home, and life, it can be very beneficial to know how these different types of insurance work.

Covering key aspects of insurance such as risk assessment and premium calculation, these courses are an ideal way to learn.

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KeyStone Online Studies

There are many different forms of insurance, ranging far beyond the coverage available to individuals to mitigate potential losses associated with automobile operation or medical bills.

A student focusing on this subject should be prepared to take courses in mathematics, ethics and international policy.

Online Course in Insurance

*InsurTech 101 Course

After a relatively late start, the InsurTech sector has seen increased funding and interest in 2015 and Q1 2016.

The need for better user experience, demand for different on-demand insurance products by Millennials, increase in data from sensors and IoT present huge potential for Insurance sector disruption in health insurance, life insurance, and property and casualty insurance sectors.

But at the same time, regulatory nuances in these sectors present challenges for startups unfamiliar with the insurance industry.

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Recent partnerships between established global Insurance firms and InsurTech startups is showing a potential way forward for this evolving industry.

This course will cover:

  • What is InsurTech?
  • Factors supporting the emergence of InsurTech sector
  • Regulatory implications for InsurTech
  • Business model and key commercial drivers
  • Key players including stakeholders and recent trends
  • B2B and B2C InsurTech case studies
  • What to expect in the coming years and their impact on the traditional Insurance industry

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Udemy platform offers a wide range of online courses on insurance; namely:

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edX offers a wide range of courses in all aspects of insurance in partnership with leaders in the field. You can learn about everything from actuarial science to the concepts behind health plans.

You can study Actuarial Science with ANU and learn what goes into designing risks and insurance premiums. Doane offers a course on the Essentials of Lifestyle Medicine and Population Health, including insurance options that benefit a wide range of people.

HKU offers a course on Blockchain in FinTech, which does affect the future of insurance products.

You’ll learn how things like insurance rates could be better managed using the enhanced security of blockchain technology.

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