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Echoing Green 2022 Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurs Program

The 2022 Global Social Entrepreneurial Development Fellowship Program is currently open to applicants across the world, who wish to grow their innovative start-ups while being trained as an astute and impactful leader. This program is supported by Echoing Green.

Echoing Green is a group of social entrepreneurs, business strategists, nonprofit advisors, trained facilitators, data scientists, and digital connectors with 30+ years of experience and a leading incubator for social impact startups.

Fellowships like Echoing Green, are invested in human capital development as a pivot for societal advancement

About Echoing Green

The Echoing Green supports innovative leaders with bold ideas that can foster a world where only professionalism, development and growth encouraged. Echoing Green has in 30+ impacted the life and development of prospecting leaders around the world, they have been growing social entrepreneurs, nonprofit advisors, business strategists, data scientists, trained facilitators, and digital connectors. We have 30+ years of experience and are the leading incubator for social impact startups.

Benefit of Echoing Green Fellowship For Social Entrepreneurs Program

  • The fellowship program helps aspiring leaders to be come impactful leaders.
  • Connects people to seasoned professionals from all works of life.
  • Helps people to learn how to strategically network and gather resources for development.
  • Echoing Green finalists would be trained to make meaning full contributions in their society.
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Eligibility Requirement

  • Applicant must be above 18
  • Must be fluent in the use of English
  • Must be able to commit to 40 hours of working in his organization
  • Full-time student or employee, must agree to make your organization your full-time engagement if awarded a Fellowship.
  • Applicant do not need to be based in the US or be an American citizen. The only limitation on work location is, if your project is based in the United States, then you must have American work authorization (i.e., citizenship, permanent residence status, or a work visa). Echoing Green does not sponsor American work permits for any foreign nationals.

Eligibility Requirement For Organizations

  • Organization could be a nonprofit, for-profit, or hybrid.
  • One individual does not have to own the organization. Partners can apply for a Fellowship.
  • Organizations still in the idea phase are eligible. But, register your organization before you apply.
  • The program must be independent and autonomous. It cannot be under the management of another organization. If you have a fiscal sponsor that provides support but does not control organization decisions, you are eligible.
  • Tuition or scholarship funding, or research projects; lobbying or faith-based organizations; and existing organizations which have grown past their start-up phase are not eligible to apply.
  • You are welcome to reapply each year.
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How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates

Go to Echoing Green on to apply

For more details,visit Echoing Green website

Application Deadline

Echoing Green fellowship deadline is November 2, 2021

Echoing Green 2022 Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurs Program

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