2022 UNESCO Prize for Girls and Women Education

The application for the UNESCO Prize for Women’s and Girls’ Education in 2022 is still open!

Gender equality in education is a fundamental right and a precondition for the development of inclusive societies. Despite significant gains over the last 20 years, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on education and exacerbated existing disparities, disproportionately harming girls and women.

Women still account for over two-thirds of all persons unable to read in 2019, with 127 million girls of primary and secondary school age out of school. Three-quarters of youngsters who may never set foot in a classroom are girls. (Institute for Statistics of the UNESCO)

UNESCO Prize for Women’s and Girls’ Education

The UNESCO Prize for Girls and Women’s Education recognizes excellent and innovative contributions to girls and women’s education made by individuals, institutions, and organizations.

It is the first UNESCO Prize of this kind, and it is unique in that it highlights excellent programs that improve and promote girls’ and women’s educational prospects, and hence their quality of life.


The Prize, which is funded by the People’s Republic of China, is awarded annually to two laureates and consists of a $50,000 prize to enable them to continue their work in the field of girls’ and women’s education. In 2016, the UNESCO Director-General awarded the Prize for the first time.

Established by UNESCO’s Executive Board, the Prize directly contributes to the attainment of the 2030 Sustainable Development agenda, particularly SDG 4 on education and 5 on gender equality.

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It also supports UNESCO’s global priorities included in the Medium-term Strategy 2022-2029 and the Gender Equality Action Plan 2014-2021 (GEAP II), as well as the UNESCO Strategy for Gender Equality in and through Education (2022-2029).

Application Deadline

AS at the time of this post, a deadline has not been announced

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