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2022 Russell Sage Foundation For Visiting Journalist Fellowship

2022 Russell Sage Foundation For Visiting Journalist Fellowship

Journalists have a long history of writing and reporting compellingly on topics related to the Russell Sage Foundation’s (RSF) mission to “improve the social and living conditions in the United States.”

The rise of economic inequality and its consequences, disparities in educational achievement and attainment, the impact of modern immigration, and recent racial tensions over urban policing are all examples of topics addressed by journalists and studied by RSF scholars and grantees.

Journalists are critical to our understanding of Americans’ lives and lived experiences because they conduct original research on a wide range of social, political, and economic conditions and present their findings to the public.

About Russell Sage Foundation

The Russell Sage Foundation, one of the oldest American foundations, was established in 1907 with a $10 million gift from Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage (1828–1918), widow of railroad magnate and financier Russell Sage, for “the improvement of social and living conditions in the United States.” Mrs. Sage mandated that the foundation pursue its mission through a wide range of activities, including “research, publication, education, the establishment and maintenance of charitable or benevolent activities, agencies, and institutions, and the aid of any such activities.

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Visiting Journalist Fellowship

  • Type – Fellowship
  • Organisation – Russell Sage Foundation
  • Country to study
  • School to study
  • Course to study – Not specified
  • State of Origin
  • Gender – Men and Women
  • Application Deadline – June 28, 2022

Benefits of Visiting Journalist Fellowship

For full-time visits of up to four months, RSF will pay visiting journalists a stipend of $8,000 per month (a maximum stipend of $32,000 per individual fellowship). Fellows are given an office at the Foundation, as well as computers and software, as well as library access.

If available, applicants who live outside of the greater New York City area may be provided with a partially subsidized apartment near RSF.

Requirements for Visiting Journalist Fellowship Qualification

Applicants must be journalists with at least 5-7 years of experience writing or reporting on social, economic, or political conditions in the United States.

Application Deadline

June 28, 2022

How to Apply

  1. Visit our online application portal, create an account, and complete the application form
  2. Submit a letter describing the project to be undertaken while in residence at the Foundation through the portal (Note: No more than 5 pages describing the project, single-spaced, with standard 11 or 12-point font, and 1 inch margins)
    • Your letter should also include an appendix of up to 20 pages that illustrates or include example(s) of prior work; you may also submit a short appendix with links to examples.
  3. Submit an up-to-date abbreviated CV (maximum of 5 pages) through the portal
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For more details, visit Russell Sage Foundation website. 

2022 Russell Sage Foundation For Visiting Journalist Fellowship

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